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Nair said, "The Vedas had a lot of information in the field of space and atomic energy. We were fine until BC. Then came the time of invasions till the independence. Since then we are growing. We deciphered the atoms for peaceful use. In ISRO, Nair had made significant contribution to the development of multi-stage satellite launch vehicles.

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The Vedanga Jyotisa one of the earliest books on astronomy is one of the texts, which is evolved in BC The only drawback was this information was condensed to bullet form and the modern science does not accept this. And to read the Vedas one must also know Sanskrit," Nair said. Aryabhatta knew about gravity before Newton: Former ISRO chief G Madhavan Nair Speaking at an international conference on Vedas, he however, added that the information in vedas was in a "condensed format" which made it difficult for the modern science to accept it.

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Hence the area of a lune is numerically equal to the diameter of the sphere. As the number of limes is equal to the number of parts of the circumference of the sphere, we get. It pays to remember that years back, half this planet was doing grunt grunt for language and wearing animal skins! But this man was NOT smart enough.

आर्यभटीयम - Aryabhatiyam of Aryabhat: An Ancient Text on Hindu Astronomy and Astrology

So Rothschild made a observatory for him, so that he could atleast patent the vedic Astronomical data in his name. Vedic rishi astrologists did NOT need a telescope, they read off from Aakashik records. You must understand that these diameters were calculated accurately more than 6 millenniums ago when even the atmospheric refraction of earth was different. Much before in BC Pythagoras came to India and stole his theorem.

He made full use of the Chemical and Botanical Vedic papers too. He also dabbled with Kerala Calculus. This man is buried next to Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, in Westminister Abbey— next to the English Kings —probably to ironically reveal, that these men were NOT scientists , but thieving politicians. John send his son Sir William James Herschel to steal more, which he did —and how! He patented the ancient Indian finger printing method. The Indian Panchatantra stories, which were written years ago, have episodes of written contracts , signed by a indelible Indian ink thumb print.

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Mihira Muni was the disciple of Mathematician Aryabhatta. He stayed at Kapletta at a lake by the name of Pookode lake. Hardy made a innocent remark that the number of the taxi , he came in is — a boring number. The sages who gave this planet the Vedas , Upanishads did not care to leave their names; the truths they set down were eternal, and the identity of those who arranged the words irrelevant. The mathematical value pi has always been a curious number throughout history. It interesting to note the large numbers he has used to arrive at Pi and the remark that pi is only an approximate value.

महान 'आर्यभट्ट' की 12 महत्वपूर्ण खोजें जिनके बारें नहीं होगा पता ? - Aryabhatt 12 Unknown Inventions

Today this ancient Hindu university is a Muslim mosque. So to fit 3. Oxford University gave credit back to ancient Indian scientists where newton stole from. Like Like. Lot of theories in science invented by Indians and Lord Buddha invented quontam science not invented by scienties up to now. Like Liked by 1 person.

You repeatedly claim bc, whereas it definitely is the 6th century CE.

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There was important Indian math dating to bce, but that was the Indus Valley civilization and their use of the first negative numbers. You need to browse more materials I have in this site and search and read then only I could discuss with you. Either case is no good. In the seventh century, the first written evidence of the rules for working with zero were formalised in the Brahmasputha Siddhanta. In his seminal text, the astronomer Brahmagupta introduced rules for solving quadratic equations so beloved of secondary school mathematics students and for computing square roots. Brahmagupta also demonstrated rules for working with negative numbers.

He referred to positive numbers as fortunes and negative numbers as debts. This latter statement is the same as the rule we learn in school, that if you subtract a negative number, it is the same as adding a positive number. For the large part, European mathematicians were reluctant to accept negative numbers as meaningful.

Aryabhatta panchang - 2018- Jantri

Many took the view that negative numbers were absurd. They reasoned that numbers were developed for counting and questioned what you could count with negative numbers. Indian and Chinese mathematicians recognised early on that one answer to this question was debts. For example, in a primitive farming context, if one farmer owes another farmer 7 cows, then effectively the first farmer has -7 cows. If the first farmer goes out to buy some animals to repay his debt, he has to buy 7 cows and give them to the second farmer in order to bring his cow tally back to 0.

From then on, every cow he buys goes to his positive total. This reluctance to adopt negative numbers, and indeed zero, held European mathematics back for many years. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was one of the first Europeans to use zero and the negatives in a systematic way in his development of calculus in the late 17th century. Calculus is used to measure rates of changes and is important in almost every branch of science, notably underpinning many key discoveries in modern physics. The Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics, founded by Madhava of Sangamagrama in the s, was responsible for many firsts in mathematics, including the use of mathematical induction and some early calculus-related results.

Although no systematic rules for calculus were developed by the Kerala school, its proponents first conceived of many of the results that would later be repeated in Europe including Taylor series expansions, infinitessimals and differentiation. The leap, made in India, that transformed zero from a simple placeholder to a number in its own right indicates the mathematically enlightened culture that was flourishing on the subcontinent at a time when Europe was stuck in the dark ages.

Although its reputation suffers from the Eurocentric bias, the subcontinent has a strong mathematical heritage, which it continues into the 21st century by providing key players at the forefront of every branch of mathematics.

Aryabhata: The Great Indian Astronomer & Mathematician

It is indeed an eye opener for all the Indians. We all should be proud of our ancient scriptures. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Hinduism,Cosmos ,Sanatan Dharma. Ancient Hinduism science. He was called Arjehir by the Arabs.