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“What’s Your Raashee?”, A Romantic Comedy Based on Astrology

As awards season crescendos to its natural climax with the Oscars, I took a peek under the hood of each major category and found that they carry the imprint of at least one of the 12 signs. Aries tend to come in hot and fizzle out quickly. You can always rely on a Taurus for support.

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They have some of the strongest constitutions in the cosmos, and their loyalty is without peer. These are the writers, the journalists, the witty dialogue crafters of the zodiac.

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  • They are represented by the twins because they are constantly in conversation, if not with others then with themselves. Functionally, it means that, even at rest, they are always metabolizing their experiences and observations into words and stories. Cancers are underrated for how prestigious they are.

    Legend Of The Zodiac

    Everyone knows the drama, the easy tears, the ever-present bag of granola because they just want to feed everyone they love. But these crabs are not aimless messes. In fact, they are ruthless survivalists forever in search of security note the hard shell , and they like to WIN.

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    • This wheat-chaff-separating milestone delivers A-list status and an attendant salary bump, which is the bare minimum required to calm the nerves of a Cancer. You might have thought that Leo would be a lock for Best Actor or Actress.

      Zodiac documentaries

      Their talent for captivating an audience is real. But they might have given themselves a cameo anyway just in case…. Of course Virgo wins a technical award like Best Film Editing. Their attention to detail and rugged perfectionism is well known throughout the land, especially by anyone who has ever worked with one. The very essence of editing is one of judgment, patience, precision and a superhuman tolerance for tedium.

      Taurus: Best Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role

      This is where the Virgo excels above all. Including the Academy. Libras are aesthetic creatures, owing to the influence of their ruling planet, Venus.

      And fashion is just storytelling through clothes. Scorpios are intensely, famously private. If they had it their way, you might only ever see their work and not them. We could do an entire article just on astrology books and only scratch the surface; there was a seemingly endless supply of this stuff.

      SCORPIO DOCUMENTARY: The Most Mysterious Sign In The Zodiac – Lamarr Townsend Tarot

      Scanned from my Sears Fall-Winter Catalog, featuring jeans with your choice of zodiac signs. So, I think you get the picture: the zodiac was freaking everywhere in the seventies. Utagawa Kuniyoshi — Honcho musha kagami Mirror of Warriors of Our Country — Kintaro seizing Raijin the thundergod, Japan, colour woodblock print, — You can buy this and more great art here. Detail from a Smirnoff vodka advertisement. Drop files here or.