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Nicolas-Hays, Inc. Influenced by Theosophical philosophy, Alice Bailey, and the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Alan Oken describes the evolutionary process of spiritual self-development with the twelve astrological signs and their soulcentered planetary rulers and the esoteric significance of the planets in the signs. The book features an elevation of the spiritual importance of the ascendant, the incarnational relevance of cardinal, fixed, and mutable crosses, and the correlation between astrology and the Seven Rays.

Revealing the soul's path to inner enlightenment and outer fulfillment, it offers a complete course for the serious student of the stars that encompasses and goes beyond birth signs and natal charts. Geared to the student traversing a spiritual path, Alan Oken teaches the secrets of Esoteric Astrology that have been a focus of study for mystics and initiates throughout the ages. The Soul the Personality and the Rainbow Bridge. The Evolution of Consciousness in the New. Ten Postulates of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. The Triune Nature of. The Esoteric Significanceof the Planets in the Signs.

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This highly developed system has evolved over the course of thousands of years, and its methods, techniques, and applications are constantly in the process of being expanded, developed, and synthesized. The symbols of astrology give a structure to the rational mind so that a relationship between external events and their more subtle factors of causality may be perceived, predicted and appreciated. It can thus be a successful interpreter of human evolution and events, even as the quality of human consciousness, and the forms of those events, change. Astrology is, after all, a system that seeks to interpret the nature of the Universal Life Force as It moves, shapes, and creates human life and all events.

The planets, signs, and houses, in any case, are not the causal elements of manifestation. They are, rather, the reflections of a transcendental synchronicity manifesting through the rhythms and timing of a cosmic clock.

In this respect, astrology permits several things to occur, and it is in the following that we may appreciate the gifts of this wonderful invention:. Astrology allows the astrologer to attune himself to the essential qualities of the energies embodied in the planets, signs, houses, and other astrological factors. Because of its flexibility, astrology engenders many levels of perception of the rhythms of the "celestial and terrestrial dancing partners " as they interface within the Being of the Life Force.

It is important to note, however, and this will be a very important theme throughout the book, that such perceptions of the essential Life Force on the part of the student are totally relative to the level of his consciousness.

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This level of perceptive awareness expands or con-tracts according to his evolutionary path. The relationship between cause and effect is at the very core of metaphysics and is the reason why, of all the occult sciences and methods of investigation, astrology is the most refined revealer of occult laws and principles. Astrology allows, on a social level, a growing group of men and women to speak a common language of perception, no matter what their differences may be in personal life-style. Astrology is thus not only a tool for the viewing of an increasingly unifying humanity, but a vehicle for the gathering of those people who seek to know and share what they have discovered.

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This approach, in terms of group endeavor and unanimity not to be confused with uniformity —is a major principle of contemporary life and is explored in much greater detail in chapter 3. Astrology adds to the appreciation of the basic unifying principle of life. This we continue to discover both within the study of astrology itself, and without, in our daily life experiences.

Astrology teaches that everything moves in cycles and circles:. Everything the power of the world does is done in a circle. The sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars.

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The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours.

The sun comes forth and goes down again in a circle. The moon does the same, and both are round. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves. If astrology brings the astrologer into attunement with these two Laws actually, one and the same , it has then accomplished for the individual its greatest gift of all. The present cycling and circling of events, the current ticking of the cosmic clock, is revealing a quantum transmutation of human consciousness.

This is resulting in a rapidly shifting although essentially predictable direction in both our inner life experience and our outer life-styles and events. Individually and collectively, we are at the threshold of an incredible reorientation of our life directions. This is indicated by the movement from one World Age Pisces of some 2, years, to another Aquarius , within a unit of time known as a "Great Year" equaling 25, Earth years. This transitional point in the universal rhythm for our planet creates vastly increased tensions for each of us. It also offers great opportunities to consciously co-create the dynamics of both our inner and outer lives through the right use of will.

If astrology is to remain a useful tool for healing and service in the present era, as well as in the future, certain techniques of horoscope delineation must be developed to answer the special needs of these times. Such a system has to possess a framework for delineation and counseling which can meet the challenging problems as well as the special joys and victories inherent in our evolving individual and collective destinies.

There also has to be a group of astrologers equal to the task of creating, developing, and applying such a system. The astrologer for the New Age must be thoroughly trained and intellectually centered in the science of astrology in order to be able to measure and interpret celestial movements.

But he or she must be equally heart-centered and intuitively focused in order to apply such data to the level of consciousness through which others are functioning.

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This will require of the astrologer, as well as give the opportunity for, great personal, mental, and spiritual growth. Fortunately, both the seeds for this kind of astrology, and the presence of this initial seed group of astrologers, already exists. See Bibliography for further information on esoteric astrology and its related field of esoteric psychology. Soul-centered astrology is part of a larger exteriorization of esoteric astrology, the many principles of which are currently being unfolded and synthesized into the collective body of astrological studies.

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My present effort lies within the body of a much larger work now being created by an international group of esoteric astrologers. It is hoped that this entire collection of work will be utilized to perceive the structure, quality, and meaning of these evolving crises of transformation and the energies which they embody. In this respect, a service may be rendered both to astrology and to humanity. Our struggles and victories as we progress—and regress—along the Path are very special.

What makes them so extraordinary is that we are consciously aware that these transformations are currently taking place.

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We are witnesses to a very incredible kind of growth process! There is an affinity of experience that seems to be uniting people from every social stratum and human experience. But that is indeed the very essence of the Soul of Humanity at work. The Soul is a unifying, collectivizing energy whose power of attraction and magnetism is Love. Our task both individually and collectively is to create those necessary channels for the Soul's expression in our daily lives. This is our great challenge, and it is to this process of unfoldment that Soul-Centered Astrology will address it-self.

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As we create the avenues for the outer expression of the inner life, we, in effect, consciously co-create our own destiny. This type of creative spiritual responsibility is at the center of the current course of human evolution.