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This has to be done with the help of Drig Dasa. For the present, I would like to stop here and proceed later. I would be very happy to learn from the other Gurus and the rest where any errors might have crept in with particular reference to corrections from Sanjayji. I appologise for any errors that might have come in and they are subject to correction. Paste as plain text instead.

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By determining the rasis…. Karkadeswarar Temple is a remedial temple where you can find relief from the ill effects caused by the nine planets and other celestial objects. The Vedic Birth Chart follows the rules of Vedic astrology that were penned by the ancient sages in the Vedic scriptures. It's also called as…. Different rasis…. It provides the fortune of a person…. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Astrology. Astrology in other religions. Doshas and remedies. Festivals of India. Gods and Goddesses. Hindu calendar months. Lalitha Sahasranamam. Raja Yogas.

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Shlokas and Mantras. Styles of Jothishi. Timing can be done both from Vimsottari as well as Narayana Dasa or any other suitable, Phalita Dasa.

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Part II : VRY without 3 rd house consideration Astrologically Yoga means a combination, an arrangement formed by placement of planets in a particular pattern. Astrologically Yoga means a combination, an arrangement formed by placement of planets in a particular pattern. But Vipreet Raj Yoga has its own distinction. Talking about Vipreet Raj yoga, classics portray 6th, 8th and 12th house in a horoscope as Dushtsthan or evil houses.

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It is believed that with such a combination not only the lords of the houses give adverse effect but also the planets posited in these houses turn inimical. The Vipreet Raj Yoga itself is a combination of 6th ,8th, 12th lords and houses. Through experience, it has been found that under certain circumstances planets related to these evil houses through PAC placement, aspect and conjunction cause immense favorable results, which are unexpected, sudden and beyond expectation. Thus Vipreet Rajyoga can also be of much beneficence to 13 individuals, despite popular belief of 6,8,12th house and lords being bad.

He will establish a good name and enjoy his life. As a result of presence of this yoga person achieve victory on his or her 14 enemies. The person becomes one of the influential personality in the society, and is blessed with good friends, family, life partner and children. He is wealthy, has name fame, is endowed with luxuries. He is blessed with good fortune.


Vipreet Saral Raj Yoga In the horoscope by virtue of placement of 8th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house this yoga is formed. As a result of presence of this yoga the person has the ability to fight adversity with great strength and is not afraid of conflicts. The person is a scholar, wealthy, famous. Being idealist and firm on principles, they are efficient decision makers. Vipreet Vimal Raj Yoga In the horoscope by virtue of placement of 12th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house this yoga is formed.

As a result of presence of this yoga the person is of independent spirit. He tries to always be happy and is good at accumulating money. He is known for honorable profession, good behavior and conduct. Part III : Viparita Raj Yoga VRY in phaladeepika There are many people who utilizes the challenges and not only overcome with problems but they convert it into positive power and get benefited. You all must have heard this term Viparita Raj Yoga ,on one side the word interpreted as Rajyoga on other side its Viparita, so exactly i will try to explain how this particular Rajyoga is formed in ones Chart.

The native who has this yoga certaily achieve heights but after facing certain difficulties. One born in such a Yoga is endowed with happiness, enjoyment, good luck and a stout body. He over powers his enemies easily and is afraid to commit sinful acts. He is a friend of illustrious and prominent people. He is blessed with wealth, splendor, fame, friends and sons.

So if the lord of the 6th house occupies 8th or 12th house or if 6th has association or aspected by the planets which owns 8th n 12th house this VRY is formed. The person bom in this Yoga will enjoy longevity, be resolute, fearless, prosperous,, respected and endowed 17 with learning, children and wealth. He will be successful in all his enterprises, overcome his foes, be pure of mind and widely celebrated. The effects of a person's birth in such a Yoga are that he spends much less than what he earns and saves.

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He is good to everybody i. He is ever happy and independent and pursues a respectable profession or occupation and is well known for his merits.

This is akin to a boomrang coming back at you if not caught in time it can either hit you or fall down harmlessly Vipreet Raj Yoga is created. For instance, if the lord of the eighth house is in twelfth house or sixth house, and lord of 20 the sixth house is in eighth house, lord of the twelfth house is in sixth or eighth house, and the lord of the trine houses are in conjunction or have a aspect on each other, then the person will be very rich and happy. According to the Vedic Astrology scriptures, if a planet which gives malefic results is placed in a malefic house, then its malefic influence is cancelled.

No malefics should be related to these planets, which ruin the raja-yogam. Also other planets should not conjunct with these 2 or 3 planets; then the yogam is ruined. So It implies the collection of power or gains coming together due to another's or ones own down fall or death of another.

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