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Ixion was a king of ancient Greece, a son of the god Ares, and the first murderer in Greek myth. Outraged, Ixion pretended to accept this, and invited his father-in-law to a sumptuous banquet, but once arrived, Ixion threw him into a bed of burning coals and wood, killing him. Zeus, suspecting this, fashioned a cloud in the likeness of Hera, which Ixion raped and impregnated, fathering the deformed monster Centauros, ancestor of the race of centaurs.

Astrologically, Ixion represents ingratitude; the violation of social norms of conduct; being offered a second chance, only to waste it; betrayal; and murder, often prominent in the charts of murderers or homicides. Lyndon B.

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Albert Einstein Ixion oppose Mars 1 degree 4. Go For it. It is Free, of course.

Asteroid Lilith - Her meaning and significance in Astrology

Ixion may mean lawless but that does not mean that YOU are. Do you see? Everyone has every asteroid so we as humans have many, many sides. In what house is your Ixion? IP: Logged. In this case, it is lawlessness imo. Hence, one would see where this trait was in the chart and HOW dominant it was.

astroPPM: Ixion: Our Conflict of Self

For someone with it conjunct the ASC, it will be very different than someone with it in a house with no aspects. You see? Fall for bad boys or am attracted to difficult ,intense peeps that deal with deeper issues in life , dont do simple , does that apply for women too, cause all my girlfriends are tough,independant women?

Weird, I'm a very good girl I just discovered my celeb crush has Moon conjunct Ixion. I'm shattered I'm sooo happy! I mean, cappy. His eyes,skin and hair are dark, my mediterranean Greek.

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Brooding sexuality , his eyes are like lasers.. He has taught me alot!! Posts: From: N. As for Neptune, Neptune conjunct Ixion in any house is likely to make understanding your own Ixion issues either more difficult or something you will tend not to focus on for whatever reason.

Or it may indicate some sort of compulsion which causes you to take on difficulties or to undermine your Self or personal aims.

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It could also indicate someone who does something or continues to work towards something regardless of the difficulty or threat to one's self - - or because they simply have an inability to accept the possible danger. Regarding 'transforming someone into a sociopath,' that is unlikely to occur under any transit.

Boots Hart, CAP

Because people who have sociopathic or narcissist, etc. So if you are talking about someone who 'becomes' a sociopath under a given transit, the chances are they were always a sociopath, but those tendencies were not recognized or discovered until the transit came along to 'uncover' or expose something to someone else.

The bottom line here is that no one point defines a chart and that a psychological issue is not read from a single point. Ixion is problematic, yes. But Ixion is in every chart of every person and creature alive and not everyone is a terrible person, though we probably all have terrible moments when we have to confront something about ourselves, whether we accept it - or are forced to deal with it - or not.

Ixion: Our Conflict of Self

I would LOVE to pick your brain and ask you a very specific question regarding a theme on my chart. It's been told that Medusa was raped by Neptune. Story tells of an amazing psychic who refuted Apollo's advances didn't allow herself to be raped? How would you read this opposition? I don't see Kassandra in charts at pivotal points outside of typical aspects with personal planets enough to get a good read, and I imagine Neptune is blurring my thoughts.

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  6. I'd be so grateful for any thoughts you may have on this subject. Anna atn gmail. Ixion being consigned to Tartarus.