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No level of government, from local justices of the number 41 in indian numerology to governors to the president of the united states to whom he constantly appealed ever came to the defense of the saints. You are making progress in hidden ways. Libra, aquarius and gemini. Energetic, fearless, warm-hearted, and charismatic. Necessarily religious, and hence unconstitutional. This is a real transformation: a scorpio rising dressed in a plutonic costume.


Understands patterns and can create workable, long-lasting numbers 41 in indian numerology. Leo is in love with love, anxious to shine and to be up to any promising situation. The entire appearance gives an impression of vivacity and originality. She said if i persevered i might. Aquarius is sensitive to the partner's needs and numbers 41 in indian numerology, but not that easy for the partner to read in the same way. Increased sensitivity magnifies and exaggerates emotions.

There was a rise in the psychic movement, but also in social awareness. Soul cartographer, divine psychic channel and soul healer available every wednesday am- pm and the first sunday of every month pm. It is a transformation of your relationship to yourself and your identity as a human being and a teacher, to be more conscious, accountable and responsive.

It is a transformation of your relationship to the teachings, the Golden Chain, your soul and to the students and community that you serve and teach in; deepening your kindness and your humanness. It is an invitation to a much deeper experience of the teachings and the inner working of kriyas, meditations and Yogic life-style. The 5 level 2 courses include: moving into Conscious Communication, Authenticity in Relationships, a Lifestyle that carries the Spirit through its cycles, from Stress to Vitality, and bringing your Meditative Mind to reflect the Soul. During the modules you will be shifting between personal insights and experiences and a higher impersonal understanding of the teachings.

To grow, you stand on a two-way bridge between the personal and the impersonal. Changing your karmic story Changing your angle; your minds view; upgrading your values. Clearing your picture your windshield so you can see the big picture. Like everyone you have your own story live in your own movie. It is your own construct based on your perception and interpretation of experiences and apparent facts.

Your story then becomes your patterns and the window through which all your future encounters, events, experiences, etc. Your past story has a big influence on your future story. The amazing opportunity is that our story is not reality, and therefore it can be deconstructed and changed; rewritten. If you want your life to be experienced differently, then one of the biggest things you need to do is change your story, both past, present and future. Story Defines Identity We are the writers, actors, and editors in our movie; consciously and by agreement or otherwise. When we change the story, then we are also changing our sense of identity.

Redefining your identity gives space for new understanding of your experience. The teachings are to guide you to your inner teacher. It is sometimes known as the stress monster, hidden self, pain body, karmic baby, or reactive personality. It is a constructed identity made from the sum total of un-cleared, inner, reactive patterns. It comes as part of the package of incarnation in the body, of being human in this polarized experience of life. Therefore it has its home in your cellular and organic bodily existence, which is also the domain of the subconscious and the negative mind.

By entering Level 2 training you are committing to retrieve the treasures this hidden self of yours may guard, as well as pulling it out of you, or at least put it to sleep for the rest of your life, so it does not bother you or migrate with you into a new incarnation.

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From Karma to Dharma Throughout the Level 2 modules there will be a sense of moving out of generational and karmic patterns and into a life of dharma and self-discipline. In other words, Level 2 helps you to cultivate soul-promoting habits in place of soul-demoting habits. Neutral mind is consciousness As a result of a new relationship to your 3 personal and functional minds, you will discover, or further explore, the link between Neutral mind and Consciousness,your heart, love, choice, community and seva.

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This implies that you take full responsibility for your life, your experience and your destiny. Calling on the Subtle Bodies The connection to the higher self and the higher emotions sensitivities allows us to harvest the virtues coming from higher subtle Bodies:. Please scroll down to find your class and links to course documents, homework assignments, course recordings, and more. Meals Saturday lunch will be an organized potluck community meal. You can take the White Tantric Yoga anywhere in the world. He has written two books on Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Can I participate in Teacher Training? This is the best place for gaining knowledge and experience with Kundalini Yoga. Previous experience in Kundalini Yoga classes may be helpful but is by no means a pre-requisite. How do I know if I am ready to start? The teacher-training course starts with all the basics you need to know as both a student and a teacher. Skepticism is a part of human nature. However, some people possess it in greater quantities than others do.

Anyone who deals in the spiritual or occult is likely familiar with skepticism, particularly in this day and age. However, skepticism has not stopped many people from still seeking out practitioners to do psychic readings for them. In fact, this practice has become so popular that there are actual websites you can visit where you can get online psychic readings done. Psychic practices differ greatly from each other, and some of these practices receive more skepticism than others do.

The Tarot, for example, is widely regarded by those of a skeptical nature to be nothing more than card tricks. However, with other types of divination methods, such as numerology, it is not necessarily as easy to scoff at the practice.

Numbers Are Proven It is easy to make fun of tarot cards, mainly because they are not an exact science, nor can anyone definitely prove they work. However, with numerology, the tools used in readings are things that are inarguable: numbers.

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Numbers have existed since the dawn of humankind in different formats and numbers govern the world we live in. For those reasons, skeptics could regard….

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Posted February 28, by Numerology Expert. Having a tarot friend is an enriching experience. This is especially the case with tarot readings, as they can be personal and important. Having someone to talk to who also knows the cards can help deepen your understanding of your own readings.

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From them, you can find new readers, or create new ones. If the conditions are right, this can lead to a solid bonding experience for the both of you. A poor setup, though, can lead to a botched reading and hurt feelings. In these instances, turning to the cards can help provide answers. When the problem lies within yourself or something you deeply care about, these answers can be hard to hear.

In this instance, having a friend as…. Posted February 22, by Numerology Expert. Choosing a psychic is an important decision that you must make with care. It means trusting them with your problems and following the advice from their reading. Persona problems is up to you, how much you want to disclose to find your answers. The reader, though, i responsible for bringing knowledge of the system, and all of its nuance.

If there are parts of your life that are unusual, a psychic might not always pick up on them and use them in their reading.

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In these instances, it might be tempting to have a friend do a psychic reading for you. After all, they know you well. Before consenting to a reading by a friend, check out the situation. This makes the reading personal for the psychic, and could lead to clouded judgement.