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However, astrology devotees will often say "You're a typical Cancerian" and rattle off a list of attributes. If as a child you spend six months looking forward to Christmas, then six months looking forward to your birthday, it is possible you will end up psychologically different to someone who has both celebrations in the same month. A woman who gives birth in January has spent the early stages of pregnancy eating "Summer" food light stuff, eg salad.

A woman who gives birth in July will have spent her first few months of pregnancy eating "winter" foods meat, potatoes, vast quantities of cake. This variation in diet could lead to differently-developed children. Two more examples: Children born in September will tend to be among the oldest in their class at school, while children born in August will tend to be among the youngest.

Boys born during the cricket season are more likely to be given cricket equipment as a birthday present, especially those born right at the beginning of the season. The same used to apply to football until its season expanded to twelve months a year. Pelham Barton, Birmingham UK While the above answers do have a strand of logic, surely this could not predict 'when you will meet a friendly stranger', or 'today is a good day for investments', etc.

To make predictions on a day to day basis would not be feasible with such a general cause. A test for believers, get a friend to read all 12 out, take a wild guess which is you.

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Lee, Leeds I'm not saying that i beleive it all, but whilst the day-to-day predictions are often rubbish, many of the characteristics of a Libran fit me. Particularly the good ones. Unfortunately, they had each been sent the same one, that of Dr. Petiot, France's most notorious mass murderer. My brother and my mate's wife are precise "astrological equivalents" being born within the same hour on the same date in the same year May if you're wondering.

There never were two more different people and the same stuff never happens to them. Also why would the effect be confined to the time of birth - surely the forces would act from soon after conception until death. Anyway, the only reason people believe their daily readings at all is because they are written suitably vaguely to enable a believer to pick out the bits they like, or that sound right.

Bill, Liverpool, UK Astrology is all rubbish.

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After all, isn't it always the case that supposed believers always ask you when your birthday is, and upon receipt of a reply say, "Oh yes, I could tell you were an Aquarius etc etc". If they were so in touch with the planets, they would surely know when you were born. Rob, Sydney Australia Of course its a load of rubbish, its just something which tells you that all good things are going to happen. At the end of the day if it were true we would all be a lot more cautious of what we were doing Ian, Newcastle If you take astrology as an accurate means of prediction, then you will be disappointed.

If you use it as a useful stimulus to your own thoughts and insights then, similarly to other systems, such as the I Ching or Kabbala, it can be productive.

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It's vagueness actually makes it more inspiring, unlike more prescriptive and often equally unreal texts from e. Astrologers don't map the actual movements of the stars and planets but their apparent movement orbiting the Earth. Quentin Langley, Woking UK Astrology is as ancient a science and as valid an approach to our universe as astronomy. The reason few people know about it is because the Catholic church demonised it through the centuries, much as they did nearly all things enlightening.

If you truly study it, you may find it to be a remarkable and fascinatingly accurate pursuit. David Hammond, Madison, USA One reason why people may have some of the attributes of their star sign is that they have grown up knowing what their star sign is. From an early age they have read and been told - 'you are x, therefore you are like a,b and c'.

If there is any correlation between star sign and personality, it is far more likely than this is the reason, rather than any effects from remote balls of rock. Hold your arm at arms length -your hand now exerts more of a gravitational effect on you than all the planets put together. Matt Law, London England If you want to know whether to take astrology seriously or not, as a quasi-science, consider how seriously you take astrologers.

For example, who do you take more seriously, Russell Grant or Stephen Hawking? Paul McElroy, Twickenham UK Astrological charts as used now are out by over 30' so we're all reading the wrong ones anyway. Also the midwife delivering you exerts a stronger gravitational attraction than the stars. Do fat midwives give us different personalities? James Knox, Manchester England It is a matter of faith.

You can't scientifically prove or disprove it! Just like a religion really.

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Tom, London uk If you want to understand astrology, try taking a look at the part it plays in people's lives. I have met many people who find horoscopes entertaining, but not many who would cancel a flight because the horoscope indicated travel was a bad idea. Man has been fascinated with the heavens and has tried to organize and interpret what he sees there for millenia. It's interesting that in the past as much as now the people who did the analyzing were seen as having special powers.

Not many of the horoscope-enthusiasts really know the slightest thing about the traditional techniques of astrology, nor could they even point out their own 'star-sign' in the sky. No really it was my personality. Hugely scary - including bits I don't normally admit to myself. I tried it with someone else and it worked for them too. I still don't really believe but I do know that there are some things that just can't be explained away. But your daily newspaper horoscopes - complete rubbish. Dawn Patrick, London I believe it was Jasper Carrott who observed that until one twelfth of the population was run down by an egg lorry on the same day, he would not believe in astrology.

Seriously though, whilst there may be some interesting effects on people by the time of year they are born, the alternative factors affecting personality e. Finally, I also am a twin and my brother and I are entirely different. Astrology at least is based on the actual movement and positions of planets and star constellations.

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Aren't most religions and explanations of physical and natural phenomenon such as evolution based on theory and not hard evidence? To dismiss one is to dismiss them all. Catherine, Manchester UK Astrology is something left over from medieval thought - where God had created everything for his purpose, and exactly when you were born was part of His 'Grand Design', and the only other thing that was easy to read were the stars. They were out of human control, and near God, in the Heavens, and so were more reliable. So Astrology is actually the most direct reading of God's Design and therefore inferring what will happen to someone born on a particular day.

The only thing is that now we've moved on to a scientific way of think, and God doesn't need to exist in this, so Astrology seems stupid. I would recommend 'The Elizabethan World Picture', used for studying medieval literature, especially Shakespeare, which gives a brief round up of all the background theory - Ptolomeic Universe, the four elements etc.

In fact there are loads of thing hanging over from this thinking - 'The Lion King', "in his element", "in seventh heaven" to name a few. After reading this you can see why people used to believe it, and it's just stuck out of habit. Greg Chambers, London UK Astrology is not based on the actual positions of heavenly bodies but their apparent positions to the eye, which, with a lack of sufficient positional data to reproduce the truly 3 dimensional nature of the universe in the mind, instead sees the stars as fixed points on the inside wall of a sphere.

For example, the 3 stars of the belt of Orion seem close together. In fact the middle one is nearer to us than it is to either of the other two. Ancients, with their lack of astronomical knowledge, used perceived astro-positional data to explain apparently recurring earthbound phenomena.

However, my understanding is that modern day astrologers do not seriously believe that remote stars have an affect on personalities etc, but rather these ancient texts are a useful lattice upon which to hang investigations into human traits which appear to have an at least superficial link to birth date. Martyn Smith, Aberdare Rhondda Cynon Taff Commenting on the observation that to dismiss astrology as meaningless one must also look at all religions in the same way - lots of us do exactly that.