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Unless it is the other who distances themselves. Use your charm to see if it's still working. In a Relationship, you are wondering about the merits of the relationship.

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You aspire to feel freer and more autonomous. Take advantage of your radiance to face your partner without provoking them but by trying to figure out if their feelings are still as strong for you. Single, the sky strengthens your power of seduction, you hesitate to engage in a story without defining the principles. You eliminate in advance any idyll that would lead you into a bond that is too fusional.

You want to mate deliciously rather than go too far because official commitments scare you and you need to keep your distance to breathe other than by or for a partner. November 4th - November 13th : Only Good Vibes The only risk is too much rigidity, ready-made ideas that make your exchanges turn sour on the 7th and the 27th: the current does not flow between you and the others.

On the other hand, if you play your charm, expect great success and strong commitments. Do not ruin your chances by generating misunderstandings or locking yourself into certainties that the other does not share.

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In a Relationship, you close ranks, you renew your promises, moments of complicity do not undermine your seriousness. However, your behavior is too rigid around the 7th and the 27th, do not ruin everything. Single, do not lock yourself into certainties that are not truths and may block the exchanges, your attitude is neither open nor pleasant.

#SCORPIO - July-December 2019 - 6-month Love & Relationship Message

On the other hand, you enjoy a climate complicit in your love affair on the 14th, 15th, 20th, and 21st and you will not end the month alone. Plans have been revised over the last few months and the structure of your agreements have been reexamined. September 19 finds both of your ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, connecting, helping you come up with a great strategy to navigate this confusing month.

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You don't have to give up on getting what you want, Scorpio, and having the warrior planet Mars and the lord of the underworld, Pluto, helping move things along will be a great help! September 21 marks the last of three squares between Jupiter and Neptune. But does that mean there is no room in your life for wishes and fantasies? Of course there is!

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Those desires just need to be balanced with reality. As Jupiter and Neptune square off, you're learning whether you really ought to be investing in what you have been excited about. A bad investment—not just financially, but with time or your energy—will leave you disappointed. Watch out for blocks around communication on September 22 as Mercury clashes with Saturn.

Silence is golden at this time, as anything you say will likely be rejected. A shift in energy arrives as Libra season begins on September 23, finding you retreating from your social life to catch up on rest and quality time alone. Murmurs of a good deal are floating around you, but Venus clashes with Saturn on September 25, so watch out for rejection on this day. Plan a cute date or an important meeting another time.

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  7. Mercury clashes with Pluto on September 26, which is another stressful day for communication watch out for power struggles , but this could also reveal some interesting information that's previously been hidden from you. The new moon in air sign Libra arrives on September 28, which also finds sweet Venus connecting with lucky Jupiter.

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    Something wonderful is brewing! Neptune got a boost from the planets moving through an adventurous part of your chart during June and July, creating a mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia that this dreamy planet will hold onto.

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    Uranus, on the other hand, has only fully been in your relationship sector since March. Uranus did return last May but retrograded back out a few months later, having spent just enough time to get a feel for the relationship conditions. Having returned in March Uranus is now in your relationship sector until , which is how long Neptune is in your romantic sector.