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Thompson originally was a chemical engineering major at City College before switching to history and later earning his law degree at St. He himself had grown up in Bed-Stuy, which rivaled Harlem as a prominent black enclave, raised by an aunt after his parents split. And whatever it was he got out of running track he soon realized was available only to boys in those pre-Title IX days. The atom, of course, is a primary source of energy. He promoted competition—not winning-as-the-only-thing but as a means to demand maximum effort in a challenging world—and a responsibility to teammates. In strict coaching terms, Thompson was among the best.

Olympic team.

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But the Atoms were started as a social project; no previous track experience was required but school attendance was. One of my first expert sources was Thompson—almost always in a suit and tie, always dripping with passion for the sport and his Atoms, which often had as many of 50 team members. He never married, he said, because no woman would have put up with him and the Atoms.

If winning Grand Slam tennis tournaments was easy, anybody could do it. Murray won three major titles during a career, apparently ended now because of a chronic hip injury, that has been enormously successful by any standard. More to the point: His hardly was a primrose path. He spent the first eight years of his professional career, and his first 27 major-tournament appearances, gnawing at the chains of great expectations.

The God Squad

When would he at last win the Big One? His early promise—the U. Open junior title at 17—had raised the likelihood that he would be the first British man to win a major since , and his repeated close-but-no-cigar finishes somehow were seen as a dereliction of duty. Later that summer, Murray entered the U.

Open as the fittest, hottest player on tour, only to be upset in the third round. Under the usual post-match interrogation of how soon and how he intended to fulfill his enormous potential, he might have responded with a thoroughly reasonable snarl. But instead of telling the media vultures to go jump in a lake, Murray clarified what should have been obvious.

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But if I never win one, then what? In such settings, Murray speaks in a flat monotone, almost mumbling, sounding a bit detached even when he is anything but. Two years after that soul-baring, after four runner-up finishes in majors, he at last had a Slam trophy at the Open and was just as straightforward about his feelings. That, to get paid, he had punched the clock.

And that he indeed is not immortal. But how about this for a nice legacy? Early January —25 years ago this week—brought big, big news in figure skating. National Championships, which were serving as the Olympic trials, in Detroit. That same week in Detroit, by the way, another highly unusual skating event transpired: The first—and, as far as I know, last—National Media Figure Skating Championships.

Not so memorable that Hersh should have mentioned it. But, still. She arranged for use of a skating rink, for rental skates, even for music to accompany our…ahem…routines.

We were on our own for skating outfits, which I recall ran toward sweatshirts and jeans. Kaufman invited a handful of figure skating officials to the morning gathering, and that informal mingling with the likes of U.


Unlike the hordes of journalists who parachuted into the Games at the last minute, in anticipation of more Tonya-Nancy mayhem, those of us from the small knot of…er…competitors in the Media Figure Skating Championships were immediately recognizable to Ferguson. About those championships, though. There were a couple of folks who actually knew what they were doing. I recall a woman who wrote for a skating magazine who was doing spins and jumps, some real dipsy-doodling. I suspect it was not so much a prop as a device to prop him up. As for my own performance: Having grown up in warm-weather locales, with scant experience on blades, I decided to play it safe.

Since the judges were at one end of the rink, I chose to glide—shamble? Unlike Tonya Harding, I did not attempt a triple axel. Also unlike Harding, I did not fall.

And I was abundantly rewarded. One of the appointed judges, Linda Leaver, who coached gold medalist Brian Boitano and therefore was eminently knowledgeable of all things figure skating, presented me with a perfect 6. I just figured it must have been okay. Nostradamus I am not. For this, and many other reasons, I am not rubbing my hands together in anticipation of nationwide legal sports betting. That puts me somewhere in fuddy-duddy territory. A recent poll found that the majority of Americans—55 percent—now support such activity, a reversal of attitudes from just 25 years ago.

And that shift in mood coincides with the Supreme Court ruling in May that struck down a federal law prohibiting most states from authorizing gambling on sports. Having money on the line, the reasoning goes, will draw gamblers to tune in and monitor the progress of their investments. Those self-proclaimed oracles and clairvoyants out there, convinced they can see around the corner, will want to track their potential windfalls.

The moon in Gemini connects with Mercury, encouraging you to think about security and finances. The moon enters Cancer and connects with the sun, encouraging a helpful and communicative atmosphere. The moon in your sign, Gemini, connects with your ruling planet Mercury, bringing helpful information. The moon enters Cancer, shifting your focus to money, and helpful energy in your home and concerning themes of security flows as the moon connects with the sun. The moon in Gemini connects with Mercury, bringing a boost in your intuition, and the moon enters your sign, Cancer, encouraging you to focus on self care.

You're feeling sharp, and helpful vibes flow as the moon connects with the sun. You're in a chatty mood today as the moon in Gemini connects with Mercury!


You're in a quiet mood, craving rest as the moon enters Cancer. The moon connects with your ruling planet, the Sun, inspiring a confident and secure energy. What's in the stars for you in August? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Nancy's mother, Linda C. Black was a master astrologer and syndicated columnist with Tribune Media Services.

She counted on Nancy's assistance during the last months of her life, while fighting ovarian cancer. It was Linda's wish that Nancy continue her life's work. Nancy's honored to contribute to Linda's readers, true to her mother's style and values. Her daughter now carries on her work. Linda Black Daily Horoscopes, written by Nancy Black, is syndicated by Tribune Media Services, and has over 4,, newspaper-readers around the world, plus millions more online and by mobile phone. To that point, aquarius is also associated with social circles, and therefore, social newsday daily horoscope, affiliations, associations, and networks.

As she is too emotional and intuitive, she newsday daily horoscope ould get tired by hi. Don't ever forget to offer some space to your partner to maintain the integrity of the relationship.