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Astrological Transits. Numerology Numerological glossary. The Influence of the Moon The Moon plays a very important role in astrology. It influences our emotions and our personality! The Sun Above all, the Sun symbolises light, warmth and vital energy! It is also that which rules over our masculine side Yang! Mercury: between the Earth and the Sun Did you know that Mercury orbits the zodiac in 87 days?

Discover the secrets of this rapid-moving planet! The Planet Venus Discover the planet Venus, visible in the night sky with its blue hue. It is also known as the Evening Star! The Planet Mars Mars, an inner planet, rules the sign of Aries. Twenty-first century astronomy sits on the brink of a Renaissance of new discoveries in our outer solar system. As new objects are found — such as the tiny, unimaginably faraway planetoid Sedna early last year — the more thoughtful among astrologers face new questions.

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Chief among them: Should the astrological canon expand to accommodate new discoveries? The ancients made no division between astronomy and astrology. In their studies of the sky, cultures encompassing the Egyptian, Persian, Vedic, Hellenic, Chinese, and Mayan found correspondences between the positions of celestial bodies and events on Earth, from the shifting of the tides to the cycles of the human body.

The great cultures went further, extending their understanding to correspondences between outer phenomena and the make-up of the human psyche: In their own fashion, each located the cosmic traits of their gods — and the antecedents of human nature — amid the Milky Way. But when a planet is newly discovered in our time, it heightens the question of whether these two approaches — the physical science of astronomy, with its dedication to reason and cause-and-effect; and the ethereal search of astrology, with its quest for connection between human nature and physical world — must be so at odds.

It will take years before a consensus forms as to how or whether Sedna will find a place in astrology; but we possess a few enticing hints — from both astronomy and astrology — from which to begin our inquiry. A New Neighbor Amid the Stars. Astrology begins with geology — with the physical realities of heavenly objects.

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These traits impact how a planet, asteroid, or other kind of body is eventually understood within an astrological framework. Hence, it is helpful to first examine what we know about Sedna from a physical perspective. Considered the furthest — and coldest — known object in our solar system, Sedna is about eight billion miles away from the Sun at its closest point. Its surface temperature rarely rises above minus Fahrenheit as it traces an unimaginably slow orbit around the Sun every 10, years.

The last time Sedna would have been at its current point in the sky, humanity was emerging from the last Ice Age. Sedna now displaces Pluto as the most faraway known planet-like object in our solar system — and as one of the smallest. But astronomers quickly acknowledge that there exists no firm consensus on what makes an object a planet. Some argue that for an entity to be a planet, it must possess greater mass than the sum total of all other objects in its orbit.

Still other astronomers say that a planet is defined by its roundedness, i. The discovery of Sedna has revived a longstanding debate about whether Pluto itself ought to be considered a planet. Sedna is spherical, possesses a distinct — though incredibly slow — orbit around our sun, and early evidence suggests that it may even have its own moon. We can only speculate as to what Sedna is made of.

Its discoverers believe that it may be a mixture of primordial rock and ice. In an intriguing note, observers have found the planet inexplicably colored a bright, shiny red.

Planet Sedna ~ Resurrection Queen

One of its chief discoverers, astronomer Michael E. If even its discoverers understand relatively little, how then should Western astrology begin to approach this odd new world? Toward an Astrological Understanding. Astrologers typically spend years looking for patterns in how a planet, planetoid, or asteroid appears in the charts of a vast range of individuals.

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Consensus forms over a course of many years: Even the meaning of the asteroid Chiron — named nearly thirty years ago for the wounded centaur of Greek mythology — remains a subject of dispute. Many astrologers interpret Chiron as a symbol of deep-seated suffering and potential catharsis in a birth chart, while others eschew its use altogether.

Astrologers generally ascribe synchronicity and meaning to the name a planet is given.

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More than any other single factor, the founding myth behind how these planetary objects are named tends to color their perception in astrology. Sedna — like other recent finds such as Pluto and Chiron — was named by the consensus of her discoverers. Sedna is the first planetary name drawn from the Native American traditions, rather than Greco-Roman antiquity.


Yale astronomer David L. Rabinowitz, a member of the discovery team, spoke of the intent behind the name:. We might have chosen Greek or Roman gods, but they have all been used. So we looked at Inuit mythology. The Inuits are naturally familiar with the cold appropriate for distant planets.

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The goddess of Arctic sea life and a dweller in the icy ocean depths, Sedna is traditionally depicted as a tragic and wrathful female god — a young woman who suffered horrible betrayal by those around her and who was conscripted to immortality at the bottom of the ocean after her own father abandoned her during a deadly storm. In the West today, we often recast myths in search of an affirming moral: the Death card in Tarot becomes routinely interpreted as a card of rebirth; Pluto — or Hades — in the astrological canon becomes associated with insights of the unconscious; the Greco-Roman gods are often stripped of their malice and vanity in popular renderings.

A Distant, Suffering Goddess. At least two primary versions exist: One involves a young woman who weds a dog-god, to whom she bears many offspring: human children, who become Inuit, and mongrel children, who become the white man. Read more about the Black Moon Lilith here outside link. For example, if you were born on October 10th, , you will scroll to the correct date range as follows:.

In the example above, between October 1st, , and November 1st, , Black Moon Lilith was in Gemini circled in pink , Selena was in Capricorn circled in teal , and Sedna was in Taurus circled in yellow. If you are not familiar with the sign symbols, see the table above and match the symbols with the names of the signs. While this example is straightforward, somewhere between December 1st, , and January 1st, , Black Moon Lilith left Gemini and entered Cancer.

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