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Indicates a lot of self confidence and a practical nature. Most often seen in political leaders or people in a position of power. Those with a round face are adaptable, methodical and practical. They usually have a sophistication about them and love spending time with others. Are often interested in many topics and areas and have a fun loving personality. They can be aggressive or even untrustworthy.

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They love working with people. The eyes are definitely the window to the soul and can indicate the vitality, energy and personality of a person. Here is what to look for-. A Chance to Know Your Destiny Guidance towards success of life face reading vastu shastra numerology make it now. Privacy Guaranteed. Trusted by thousands of clients. Instant Services. Accurate Remedial Solutions. Expertise in several domains.

Free Trial. Training Join us and let us help you on your path to become a successful astrologer. Awards and Events. Happy Customers. If the lip corners are turned down, irresolute person with depression can be seen. Full and broad lips show sensuous tendency. Thin lips show brevity and concise behaviour of the person. He will also be a learned person. A large chin is found on a person who is demanding and aggressive while a small chin person is passive and compliant. A broad chin can take adversity because it is physically and emotionally tough while a narrow chin is weaker and more tender-hearted.

The curve or shape of the chin reveals the battlefield that is preferred by this person. A curved or rounded chin is a person who fights in the arena of people, a straight or square chin deals with ideas, while an angular chin likes conflict and control. A narrow, pointed or weak chin represents less energy and drive. They face problems in old age.

A broad, round chin is symbolic of generosity and good humour. A broad and square shaped chin makes the person work hard.

Face Reading Astrology

It is a mark of steadiness. A large mouth is a sign of outgoing and extroverted person. A small mouth represents introverted, careful and cautious people. Expressions of fun, thoughts, emotions and decisions are broadcast to the world by the shape and size of the features of the mouth. A large mouth is more fun, social and talkative while a small mouth is quiet, private and sincere.

A strong and deep jaw line just below the ear lobe represents the person has good will power and energy. Weak jaw indicates flexibility. A simple chin face reading can give you very valuable information in only few seconds. Prominent jaws : active, very impatient, like to take the first step and be in charge in a relationship as well at work, opinionated, judgmental, strong, often stand up and fight for what they believe in, many politicians have prominent jaws Face Reading.

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So by observing the outer body, we can estimate the inner self of the person. This is the root idea of Physiognomy. By observing the face of a person as a whole, we can get a keen idea of how his life would be in general, starting from childhood till his old age. A forehead without any spots, lines, rash, or colour change, indicates a good physical health. If there are any skin problems on the forehead, then there may be problems with the heart, bladder, or small intestines— internal organs or energy meridians.

Temples, Area Between the Eyes — Problems with the liver can show up as pimples, lines, or colour changes around the eyes. Area below the Eyes — Eye bags, or dark circles under the eyes is indications of issues with the kidneys or the kidney meridian, according to Chinese face reading. Upper Cheek, Upper Lip — Any problems with the stomach will be noticed on the upper cheek or upper lip, as colour change, rash, spots, or lines.

Nose, Ears — Red nose or ears, or spots on these areas, can be signs of heart problems, according to Chinese face reading. Lower Cheeks, Chest — The lung is related to the lower cheeks and chest, which means that any problems with the lung could show up as skin problems on these areas. Lower Lip, Crease at base of Nostrils, Sides of Chin, and Back — Skin problems in any of these areas could be a sign of problems with the large intestines, according to Chinese face reading Face Reading. Chin, Jaw Line — Chinese face readers have noticed that spots, lines, or colour changes on the chin are indications of hormonal imbalance, or problems with the reproductive system.

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About Company T he company started in the year , AstroMantra. Helpline: Sign In Register. Ears of Face Reading: Small ears show honour, manners and affection.

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  • Face Reading – FOREHEAD!

Forehead of Face Reading A high brow reveals aptitude for study. Eyebrows of Face Reading: Eyebrow qualities reveal thinking styles including power, focus, follow-through, ideas, insomnia, people-orientation and patience. Thickness of Eyebrows — Thought Quantity: Thick eyebrow people have many ideas and are powerful thinkers.

Contradictory : given to conflict Scattered: disconnected thinking Root hairs: early bloomer Across Nose Bridge : constant thinking, insomnia Eyebrow shape — orientation The curve or angle of the eyebrow lets you read the organization of thoughts. Curved: people Straight: ideas Angular : conflict Eyebrow Height- Patience High-brows are patient while low-brows are impulsive. High brows: patient Low brows: impulsive Eyes of Face Reading: Brown Eyes— Brown eyes are all about the Earth qualities of a person, including energy, fertility, endurance, creativity, lots of courage, and of course, grounding.

If the iris is sinking too low in the eye, a cruel and perverse nature is indicated. If the iris is large, thus occupying much of the space in the eye , the person cannot hide affections and emotions. If the iris is small, and hence the white portion of the eye is much seen, then the person is secretive.

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  4. If the gap between the two eyes is large, the person is expansive and communicative. If the eyes are closely set, then the person will be criticising others, and will not demonstrate his feelings. Colour of Eyes of Face Reading: A dark eye denotes a forceful nature than a light colored one. Nose of Face Reading: A perfect nose is one whose length is equal to the width of the forehead, and at the end has a width equal to the length of the eye.

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    Lips of Face Reading: Upper Lip- Expression of Thought A thick upper lip is outspoken and direct while a thin upper lip is indirect and secretive. Thick Upper Lip: outspoken Thin Upper Lip: secretive Lower Lip — expression of emotion Charmers can persuade people with their Blarney lip while reserved people speak with a thin lower lip. Thick Lower Lip : persuasive Thin Lower Lip : reserved The size of the upper lip represents the ability to love and the size of lower lip represents need for love.

    Chin Chin size — willpower A large chin is found on a person who is demanding and aggressive while a small chin person is passive and compliant. Large chin : aggression Small chin: compliance Chin width — survival A broad chin can take adversity because it is physically and emotionally tough while a narrow chin is weaker and more tender-hearted.