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Learn a few lessons from the master communicator, DT, himself — he has power, like it or not when is the last time you ignored his latest outrage?

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He may be crude, but he sure is beating the odds so far. While I believe DT will be Pres until sorry! Unless Mueller has something that would really be a surprise, but that seems unlikely after so much FBI digging has gone on, or we should know about it already, if it was an open and shut case. A competent leader with a clear vision is necessary for future generations to prosper, and Dems just need to ensure they find one who fits the bill.

Only then will DT pass into history as a bad dream. Please read the article. Despite the author being clearly Republican in his thinking, he is realistic, IMO. As much as it hurts, realism is a better medicine than pessimism.

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One more thought: It would only take Trump to release his tax returns at last to get him off the voter hook. Will he finally resort to that? He might — after Mueller is done. Only Dems have Window Seats, the Cons all seated in the center seriously focusing on how they can con the people. I was reminded of this while watching this discussion of Jerry Brown and Thomas Friedman. To him Trump seems hell-bent on destroying everything in his path. According to this friend and admittedly, I tend to agree, from a spiritual perspective that could be a good thing. For unless you demolish the old, how can humanity start afresh?

The latest debacle centers around the mid east. Looks rather serious…….. Israel heightens security measures in preparation for heavy protest after Trump told Mideast leaders he intends to move the U.

S embassy to Jerusalem. Palestinian factions in the West Bank announced on Tuesday that they would carry out three days of protest across the West Bank over U.

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The Palestinian factions said protests will start on Wednesday and last until Friday at the very least. According to Palestinian leaders, marches against the decision are being backed by the Palestinian Authority. Nancy, thank you for another wonderful post. This whole stock market climb makes me very nervous. Some astrologers are nervously looking at the December 21st Winter Solstice for a possible dramatic drop in the markets. Saturn will have just arrived in its own sign of Capricorn all things related to business and structure.

With tr. Jupiter in semi-square 15 Scorpio and the Moon the morning of the 22nd at 15 Aq. Any number of political factors can contribute to a severe downturn in the economy at this time. Sit-in outside. Police arrive, speed through 3 warnings, push the press back, and arrest. Thank you, Beowulfie, for your perspective and your insight.

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I could not agree more on the needed Democratic path. Misinterpretation or refusal to accept this information has just cost us an election. I truly hope that they take the blinders or ego off this time around. Saw her for the first time in a couple of months this afternoon and she looked terrible. No windows. No relief. She said she finally just gets up and locks the door behind her to get away for a few minutes at a time. Eliseo — I became convinced if Trump served out all four years but was not re-elected, the militia end of the lunatic fringe would start their war.

Our own, personal KGB with the will to kill. My gypsy feet are feeling pretty restless lately. By: slightkc on December 6th, at am. It has no redeeming social value. It takes money and resources from those who have the least in to further subsidize the rich and corporations. It will worsen those problems its proponents claim it will solve.

It is a nightmare. Republicans and others who support this legislation have revealed once again that they lack any human decency or wisdom or sense of civic responsibility. This evil will kill people and increase human misery so the idle rich and other plutocrats can have even more money.

This statement is no exaggeration. It is a plain fact: The Republican tax bill will raise taxes on the poor and working classes in order to give the very richest American hundreds of billions of dollars. In this paradigm, the real value of individual human beings and societies is determined by their economic productivity and financial value as decided by capitalism. All others are viewed as parasites who should be removed, exterminated or bred out of existence.

May changes everything in astrology — and in your life. No wonder this piggy bank has such a stunned expression on its face. In the space of just a few days, starting on Sunday 13th May, we will be thrown into the biggest revolution of our lives. It will affect taxation. It will affect currency. It will affect the sharemarkets. Jessica Adams.. Have been thinking of the up-sides of belt tightening. With slashes to the social safety net, there will be billions of money taken out of the economy, surely affecting adversely the health of the whole economy.

The poor thugs, they are so wedded to their economic pipe dream for the past 30 years, they are failing to take into account the modern world at large.

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The Robber Baron term is taking on a whole new meaning. It is so unacceptable that they have a way of spinning things to blame Democrats while they continue with their heinous behavior. Frank Schaeffer, whose father helped start the latest Evangelical movement, while the son broke away completely and became progressive, talks about the home schooling and preparation and brainwashing of generations of children who are coming into adulthood.

When you think about it: Pence, wealth Christianity, Roy Moore and his 10 Commandments, and, now, the apparent declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel not the undivided capital, thank God, but the capital — a very nuanced statement to feed Evangelicals and, also, a thumbing of the nose to Iran , it ALL falls into place. This recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has a lot more to it than we see on the suface. I am beyond discouraged. It is clear that Trump will remain in office, at least through the end of , destroying almost everything in this country that is worthwhile.

Is there any indications in your birth chart that speaks to sexual orientation?

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We need much more of this! Actually, Iran has been exerting a lot of pressure on Israel, more and more lately, and I, personally, have been uncomfortable about it. And there are also the people who are genuine zealots, like the zealots in the other Abrahamic religions. Trump signed the Jerusalem Declaration at pm and finished signing it as the time on CNN changed to pm.

Henri — your question about Roy Moore is interesting but impossible to answer. Sexuality is profoundly complex and driven by both inherited and environmental factors.

Also, being gay or not is much less likely to influence the outcome of public affairs than in the past. Kiwi, yes, there is also that. Also, the fact that the announcement was made during mercury retrograde conj Saturn, etc. The time frame for the Olympics is Feb 9 through 26 and that does fit. Embassies and even closer. Boy, that US-recognize-Jerusalem chart is some chart!