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For the Aquarius woman, sex is not a high priority, and her take it or leave it approach to Cancer in the bedroom can be very wounding for her Cancer guy.

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She is aware of this, though, and does make an effort for him. She will even try to be a little more touchy feely in every day life for the sake of her Cancer guy, because she values him so much. So this lack of an official commitment can cause problems in Cancer man Aquarius woman compatibility. More Discussion Needed. For the best chance at Cancer man Aquarius woman compatibility, greater verbal communication is needed. This couple soon learn the lesson they need to learn, however. The Aquarius woman is a fixed sign , and if she is determined to make the relationship work, nothing will stand in her way.

Her Cancer man is a cardinal sign, and he too will pour great initiative and determination into making things work.

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Compatibility Calculator. Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman. How Compatible Are You? I don't think so. Nope, never. A few times. More times than I would like.

I plead the fifth. Who hasn't? Only once. My whips. My lube. My handcuffs. My entire bedroom. My abs. My legs. My butt. Earlobe kisses. Kisses on the forehead. Bite and nibble kisses. French kisses.

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That I like it rough. That I'm sweet. That I'm hard to keep up with. I don't know and I don't care. Less than Lubes and oils. A police officer. A cheerleader. A maid. A nurse. Clamps and pumps.


A swing. Chastity devices. Hot wax and ice cubes. How long am I going to be tied up? It's not my thing. Let's go for it! I don't know about this one. Been there.

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I don't know. Why not? At the movies. In an airport parking garage. In a bouncy castle.

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On a Ferris wheel. A celebrity. My best friend.