March 9 tamil new year horoscope

You could even move to a new city, get married or decide to have a child. Do not give up at the first hurdle, follow and persevere with your dreams! Luck comes to those who know how to take their fate into their own hands and create their own destinies. Look forward to a magical Luck will be firmly on your side and will give you the boost you need to turn over a new leaf and chase your dreams.

Nothing will hold you back, you are reaching for the stars and going to some very exciting places.

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It's been known by different names in different regions of India. Panchang is also based on Nakshatras reading in the sky. Today's Panchangam is a table that provides you with an auspicious moment to perform any task. It is in a tabular format containing important dates and times in it.

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These dates are arranged in a manner so that each and every muhurat can be checked easily. These are based on astrological and astronomical facts about Nakshatra, movement of planets and their alignment in certain sign and nakshatra. The calculation for finding an auspicious muhurat is to find the position of Moon in certain nakshatra or the placement of planet Moon in certain nakshatra in your natal chart.

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Other things taken into consideration while observing panchang are position or movement of planets, stars or nakshatra at a certain degree in certain sign. How these alignments are supposed to affect the life of a person at certain time period?

It can be analysed by the proper reading of panchangam. While casting a panchang, we need to understand first about the sidereal side of astrology in order to get an idea about position or movement of universal masses in certain sign and nakshatra. It includes a lot more mathematical calculation and perfect understanding of astronomical phenomenon. Aaj ka Panchang is used to calculate the tithi, vaar, yog, karan and nakshatra of a particular day of a week.

It is also used to find an auspicious muhurat on that particular day.

Day Panchang can be used to check the exact time for Marriage, griha pravesh, starting of any new work etc. Day Panchang can provide you an idea about the exact day timing to perform any task. It can provide you the timing for medicinal treatment such as what can be the suitable timing to start taking medicine in order to cure yourself. By doing that, you can get rid of disease very soon and easily.

We can use Ephemeris also to check timing. It can provide you the monthly panchang including important dates and times. Hindu festivals are also based on the Panchang or the position of moon in certain sign and nakshatra. As we have already talked about the five parts of Aaj Ka Panchang, now let's see in detail about the five parts or limbs.

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Panchang has 30 tithis consisting 15 each for Shukla and Krishna Paksha respectively. It has also 12 months like Gregorian calendar. The calculation for panchang is based on the movement of Sun and Moon in the sky in certain Nakshatra and sign.


When moon enters into certain nakshatra during a poornima, next month of an year starts. Let's understand five parts of Panchang:. There are two pakshas defined in Vedic astrology. Both paksha has 15 tithis each. There are 30 tithis defined in Vedic astrology. If moon completes 12 degree in certain sign, then it will be one tithi of a particular month. The time difference between one sunrise to next sunrise is known as 'Vaar or Day' of a week.

Today Panchang: Panchangam

These are seven in number what we have described below. The summation of Longitude of Sun and Moon divided by 13 degree and 20 minutes is known as Yog. Yog, itself, gives the meaning as sum of two or more than two things. There are 27 Yogs defined in Vedic Astrology. The half of tithi is known as Tithi.

Daily planetary movements

If tithis are 30 then definitely Karan will be 60 in number. These are two types: Movable and Fixed. There are 27 Nakshatras in Astrology as well as Astronomy. It is also known as Stars.